This Father's Day, Let Dad Know He's Your Huckleberry

Your Dad is One of a Kind! Give Him a Gift as Unique as He is!

What makes your dad special? Does he tell the best dad jokes? Maybe he’s a master-barbecue dad or

an “I’m-not-crying-you’re-crying”- but-he’s-definitely-crying-while-watching-Moana Dad. Does he always check your tire pressure when you come visit, or provide you with constant updates about the weather when you’re traveling?

Dads manage to show their love in various and sometimes quirky ways, and this Father’s Day you can show your dad love by giving him an experience that’s as unique as he is.

Tickled Dragon Forge is open for business! We’re offering private small-group, blacksmithing, and welding classes. Because Covid-19 is still lurking around these parts, we’ll keep classes small- no more than 4 people- and only schedule groups of people that are already in contact with each other.

Grab dad, and a few of his nearest and dearest for a unique experience, because no matter what kind of dad you have, all dads want to spend time with the ones they love… aaand maybe make cool stuff, too!

Whatever kind of father you may be, Happy Father’s Day!

(Here Kyle and his dad open a bottle of beer together to celebrate using the hand-forged bottle openers)

Love and Man Hugs from us at Tickled Dragon Forge.

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