Stuck inside? Now is the Time to Create!

The world is swirling in tsunamis of pandemic. We are all trying to keep our heads above the water. The waters of social distancing, economic hardship and uncertainty can feel suffocating and overwhelming. And I assure you, although you may be isolated, this feeling of overwhelm is collective. It is not just you, it is all of us.

There is a lot right now, that is out of our control. But one way you can take back an inkling of control is to create. It’s true. Turmoil is the best time to get making. Creating helps us to make sense of our world, take control, and let go.

Make sense of your world

Creating helps us process our thoughts and can give us key insights about our circumstances and lives. Depending on what exactly you're creating, your hands might be busy, but your mind might be free to wander. It’s often in those moments that insights flood in: hidden thoughts are uncovered, unexplored ideas emerge.

If you’re doing something- like writing- that requires the use of your mind, you’re often actively sifting through your own thoughts. By engaging and exploring inside your own head, you can get a detailed view of your inner landscape, and explore parts unknown. Often the trying times of life are when the most valuable insights are found.

Take Control

In an unpredictable world, creating can allow us to take control. Creating can be very broad, it doesn’t always have to be museum-level art. Cooking a meal, making a fun schedule for your kids, even adding a whimsical doodle to a grocery list- an otherwise extremely boring thing- can be acts of creation! Viewing these things through a lens of creativity can allow you to provide, organize, and accomplish while expressing yourself.

Creating comes in all forms. Making food is a form of creating.
Cooking in the Kitchen

Of course, you may choose the fine art route! Whether it’s painting, sculpting, or a silly dance party, choosing to spend time creating allows you to focus on something that you can do while letting go of all of the things you can’t control.

Let Go

The most resonant art is sometimes meticulously planned and impossible to plan at the same time. You might have a great idea in your head, and a particular outcome you want. Yet art, like life, rarely turns out the way you imagine. Any type of creating, then, is a metaphor for our lives allowing us to practice taking control and letting go.

The good news is that creating is a safe place where we’re free to see where things take us. It’s sometimes scary: that blank page, that blank canvas, even that empty frying pan, can intimidate us into thinking we’ll never get where we want to be. But sometimes the best things are NOT our best laid plans, but the things that happen INSTEAD.

That’s why we, at Tickled Dragon Forge, want to empower people to create. At this moment in time, our city is still under a “Stay Home, Stay Safe” edict which means that classes are currently postponed until it is deemed safe for the community. For the time being, we encourage you to create what you can at home.

Painting with food-colored yogurt

And when we are able to offer classes again we want to introduce you to age-old crafts that are forgotten, but not forgotten about such as blacksmithing, metal art and leather craft. Whether you take up one of these skills as a hobby, or just take one class, exploring these arts will awaken the creator in you!

Small businesses need you and will continue to need your support when our new normal returns! We understand that everyone is going through difficult times. Please let us know how we can help you relieve stress through creating. Comment below for suggestions for future videos on how to create.

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