A Sculpture is a Sculpture is a Sculpture

This past weekend we celebrated our little boy's 4th birthday. We are beyond blessed to have this creative, strong-willed, dramatic child call us parents. To us, being present parents is the best and most important job of all. We love what we do, and the impact we see our small business having on the wider community, but this face here, this face of pure joy, is WHY we do what we do.

Our 4 year old may not yet be responsible enough to hold a hammer or a welding torch, but he can help in the crafting, and sculpting of his volcano cake. Through this we are imparting on him the gift of our love through doing together, pride and self-reliance at trying something new and making something with his hands.

Art isn't just about the end result (although it can be nice), its about the process of making it and sometimes, about who you made it with. We hope through these activities we are showing our son not only how to be creative but how to love and be loved.

In case you're wondering, we are NOT going to start offering cake-making classes, but I have to say, we were proud of the cake we made together, and proud of the son we're celebrating this week.

Who do you want to make art with?

If you are interested in taking classes with us, we offer blacksmithing, welding and leather-crafting classes in San Antonio, Tx.

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