A Human Response to COVID19 as a Business

You haven’t heard from us in a while. Our silence is not because we don’t have anything to say, but because, saying the right thing during this unprecedented time in our history is hard.

We’d written a formal statement addressing our actions to COVID19, but continued to hold onto it as this pandemic storm kept changing directions. And our formal statement, although important, didn’t feel as pressing as the need to speak as a human, rather than the front of a business.

People make up businesses

Even I, when looking at a store-front, sometimes forget that behind the brick and mortar are individuals. People make up businesses. Not the products, or the building, but people. And those people behind the business are dealing with what, to many, feels like the world crumbling down into giant heaps of rubble. Just like you and I are dealing with the daily blows to our reality.

Here at Tickled Dragon Forge, we’ve been working on videos, and on new

products. But we haven’t posted because at the moment, it feels irrelevant. If it doesn’t have anything to do with COVID19, does anyone care? The only thing that feels relevant is this virus that is shutting down the world. This virus, that is destroying businesses, threatening people's livelihoods and even more importantly, their lives.

Our "store-front" workshop

As business owners, we are leaders in the community we serve. On the outside, leaders usually exude a confidence they don’t necessarily feel on the inside. And it's important for leaders to seem confident to inspire those around them. But I also think it's important to acknowledge that what is happening is scary, and that even leaders are human. It is important to acknowledge that we are going through the stages of grief just as everyone else is.

We are grieving the loss of normalcy, the loss of a stable economy, and a dearth of human connection. We are feeling this grief collectively, and not only is it unnerving, and confusing, it is frightening. Trying to put it out of our minds isn’t helpful, because as you probably have experienced, just ignoring something doesn’t make it go away.

Instead acknowledgement, naming the feelings and working through them are steps we can all take as individuals. The world at this very moment in time, feels out of control, so taking action to control what we can is also important in relieving the anxiety.

A lot of beautiful things have come from this terrible moment in history. The kindness, compassion, and willingness to come together to fight for a better tomorrow. We at Tickled Dragon Forge intend to do our part by continuing to inspire creativity. As of this moment, in respect to our collective global health, we’re temporarily postponing classes, but If there is something you would like to see demonstrated or a “how to” video, please let us know. Comment below to tell us, how we can help you thrive as a creator.

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