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Blacksmithing Basics

3 hours

Through instruction and hands-on practice you will be learning the basics tenants of blacksmithing including how to properly control a hammer, a set of tongs and heat. While learning how to forge a hook you will learn how to employ the 4 pillars of smithing; twists, scrolls/counterscrolls, tapers, and drawing. You will leave equipped with an incredibly satisfying and rare skill, a useful metal object to display in your home, and the knowledge that you can reshape metal as our ancestors did.



Private Instruction

2 hour minimum

Have one-on-one instruction to improve your skills as a blacksmith or metal sculptor


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Combo: Blacksmith & Metal Sculpt

6 hours

In 1 six hour session, you will learn the basics of blacksmithing by forging pieces that you will then weld to make one spectacular art piece. We will cover the tenants of blacksmithing such as tapering, scrolling, counter scrolling, twisting, offset shoulder, and punching, as well as mig and stick welding . No prerequisite is required for this class. Please be sure to wear pants and close-toed shoes to this class. 


cocktail spoon class.png

Forge a Cocktail Spoon

3 hours

In this class take your blacksmithing knowledge to the next level and create an incredibly unique kitchen tool which will turn everyone green with envy.


The cocktail spoon class is an expansion on the four fundamentals of blacksmithing. Key areas of focus are on proper hammer control, utilization of scroll tongs advanced twisting and tapering techniques. 

This advanced Blacksmithing class requires either the beginners blacksmithing class or prior experience.



Metal Sculpting

3 hours

An introductory class to MIG (GMAW) and stick welding. In this 3 hour course you will learn all the basics you need to stick some metal together to create art. This is the perfect class for beginners, no prior experience needed! 


Pendant class (1).png

Discovery Blacksmith: Make a Pendant

1.5 hours

This class is designed as a hands-on preview class; a pre-introductory class. It is less time-intensive than our introductory class and designed to give one the chance to discover if blacksmithing is as fun as it looks.


In the discovery blacksmithing class we learn and perfect two of the four fundamentals of blacksmithing, tapering and drawing, and touch on a third skill scrolling. While most of the work is done by you the student, some dad help will be provided as needed to ensure your pendant is one you'll be proud to wear yourself.


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