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Team Building

Build camaraderie, improve communication, increase team effectiveness and HAVE FUN!

Why Team Build with Us

Whether you are looking to improve your team's morale or improve their effectiveness, we can help you achieve your company's goals. Our team building activities can shake things up, get your team out of their heads and out of their own way.  An experience with us can help to build bridges across departments, and strengthen communication and engagement.

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What Makes Us Different


Guaranteed to be an experience most or all of your team has yet to have!


Our activities are not only engaging but are also active and tangible


The self confidence that comes from creating and finishing a project is unparalleled


The stage is set for a good time. Expect laughter, strengthened friendships, and stronger connectedness as a result


We cater our experience to the needs of your group. Our activities are malleable and can be molded to your goals. We can even come to you if needed.

Team Building Options

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Time: 3 hours min

Num of student: max 6 

Through instruction and hands-on practice you will be learning the basics tenants of blacksmithing including how to properly control a hammer, a set of tongs and heat. While learning how to forge a hook you will learn how to employ the 4 pillars of smithing; twists, scrolls/counterscrolls, tapers, and drawing. You will leave equipped with an incredibly satisfying and rare skill, a useful metal object to display in your home, and the knowledge that you can reshape metal as our ancestors did.



Blacksmithing Basics

Time: 3 hours min

Num of student: max 15 

Depending on your time frame, your group can choose to make anything from a leather keychain, messenger bag, journal, or a notebook. Time frame for each project will vary from 2 hrs- 8 hrs.


Sewing Leather

Leather Craft Workshops

Time: 6 hours min

Num of student: max 15

After a short introduction to identifying metal types, participants will be directed to a nearby scrapyard. They will then scrounge as a team to find components for their metal sculpture project, utilizing lessons learned and keeping within a decided budget. Teams will then reconvene at the forge, strategize their build plans and assemble their masterpieces.  There is a lot of room for personalization in this activity depending on what your group is trying to achieve.


The assembly element of this team building project needs to be done at our location.

starts at $175


Team Building Metal Sculpting

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