Our Story

Forging together to create, connect, and inspire.

What We Do

  • We are committed to providing the highest quality hand-forged products and training (soon).

  • Our products are as unique as the individuals creating and purchasing them.

  • We provide exposure to new and old forms of metallurgic crafts.

  • We aim to inspire others to take interest and participate in crafting.

  • We plan to be a space for community-building, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge and ideas.

What We Believe

  • We believe crafting by hand is a way to:

    • engage with the community

    • support local artists

    • be mindful citizens

    • create identity and expression

    • contribute to a better world

  • We believe crafting by hand tells stories, and creates art that is both appealing and fulfilling to buyers and crafters alike.

  • We believe strong community and collaboration fosters inspiration, productivity and fuels expression.

  • We believe exposure to the crafting world generates interest, innovation and creativity.

  • We believe in being respectful, and inclusive.

  • We value all ideas and believe everyone has a contribution to make regardless of age, gender preference or ethnicity.

  • We believe we rise by lifting others.

Our Founding

It started as an idea in 2017; a half-formed idea in the beginning but with love, hard-work and nourishment this hobby-turned-love affair transformed into a business. A business centered around creating beautiful pieces of art, working with our hands, connecting to the community, finding our soul-craft and inspiring others to collaborate, share, teach, and believe in themselves.

We, Kyle and Vanessa, grew up at the start of the knowledge-based economy, where trades and skilled-labor was brushed aside as an after-thought. We see a revival on the horizon. A renaissance if you will; a desire to craft, to work with our hands, and to make things from scratch. We are at the spearhead of this revival, and we'd love for you to join us.

IMG_4036 (2)

About the Founders

Kyle and Vanessa met in high school drama, and found that they shared similar passions: being creative, learning, teaching, traveling, community building, and just being goofy.


After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Vanessa and Kyle lived and traveled across three continents, teaching English. 


On returning back to the states, Vanessa received her MBA in international studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio, while Kyle discovered his love for metal craft. He then attended Hobart Welding Institute to hone his skill of welding. A couple of years later, he studied blacksmithing under a master Blacksmith in Maryland. 


Vanessa and Kyle founded The Tickled Dragon Forge in 2019 to create, to connect and to inspire. At Tickled Dragon Forge we aim to create beautiful functional art, but also to teach others how to work with metal. 



Whats in a name?

If you ask any entrepreneur, the name of the business is universally agonized over.  The name sets the tone, lays the foundation, and provides an aura of expectation. We were no different in our fretting.  We wanted our name to be memorable, inviting, and slightly whimsical.  A dragon breathes fire, and through fire, metal is forged.  Lastly, however, the name pays homage to the Hogwarts School Crest from the book series "Harry Potter".  The school in the series was founded in part for those who felt misunderstood which spoke to us personally.